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The Rise Up To Change 90 Day Program

The Rise Up To Change (RUTC) Program is an individualized substance abuse program that is tailored to the unique needs of teens and young adults.  Our team of caring professionals provide sober support, coaching, monitoring and guidance that behavioral therapy alone can’t accomplish. Focusing on early intervention, the goal is to decrease substance use before drug use escalates and more serious conditions occur.[1][2]  


The RUTC 90 Day Program is focused on gathering information, building a treatment plan consisting of goals and action steps, developing a sober contract detailing privileges and/or consequences for behaviors, monitoring with random drug tests and intensive support.  Clients receive RUTC Curriculum, frequent check-ins, and weekly meetings.  Additionally, parents/guardians receive frequent check-ins along with a Weekly Progress Report.  RUTC communicates and collaborates with all authorized treatment providers (ie – psychiatrist, therapist, school counselor, coaches, educators, parent coach, etc) to facilitate consistency and ongoing communication which ultimately promotes a unified approach.  The RUTC Team provides individualized support and engages with the client in one-on-one plan development where they feel empowered as well as understood and cared for.    

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2. Sean Esteban McCabe, PhD, John E. Schulenberg, PhD, Ty S. Schepis, PhD, Vita V. McCabe, MD, Philip T. Veliz, PhD “Longitudinal Analysis of Substance Use Disorder Symptom Severity at Age 18 Years and Substance Use Disorder in Adulthood” JAMA Network, April 1, 2022,


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