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Rise Up To Change Monitoring

Rise Up To Change Monitoring is a service that brings peace of mind to parents of teens and young adults struggling with or recovering from substance abuse.  Our testing process removes the potential conflict when parents or guardians assume the monitoring role yet still provides the oversight necessary.

Rise Up To Change Monitoring:  Monthly

The accurate and reliable testing, completed in the home, reduces the chances of missed or cheated tests and supports the family by eliminating extra trips to a clinic.

The program is most often applicable following RUTC 90 Day or Aftercare Programs. However, monitoring can be provided as an early intervention tool for teens who are experimenting with illicit substances and at risk for further use.  

Testing provides accurate levels for marijuana, nicotine, opiates, benzodiazepines and alcohol enabling an accurate picture of any or decreasing usage.  Additionally, prescription drugs can be monitored to confirm compliance to medical direction.

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