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The founders of Rise Up To Change knew there was a gap in the area of support for teens and young adults outside of a residential treatment setting and almost all people who suffer from long-term addiction started in their teens.  Amy and Lucille used their combined knowledge of the key success factors from leading recovery programs, adapted them for the needs and lifestyles of teens and young adults, and launched the Rise Up To Change program.



Amy Arnett


Director of Clinical
(707) 977-0125

Amy Arnett - photo.jpg


Lucille Heaney


Director of Clinical
(415) 465-9970

Lucille Heaney photo.jpg

Advisors and Staff

Nico Fitzgerald

Advisor, Experiential Programs

I have known Amy and Lucille since 2017 as both colleagues and friends.  Their infectious passion for recovery coupled with an open, accepting, and calming style is unique in the field of addiction recovery providers.  Their professionalism, knowledge, and expertise are immediately evident.  Any teen or young adult in need of structured and compassionate help will be well served by partnering with Rise Up to Change.

Sharif Ali, LMFT

Advisor, Clinical Services

Knowing that Rise Up to Change is working with a shared client gives me peace of mind and increased confidence.  How they work with a client is clear and defined.  They are communicative, insightful, and most importantly driven by passion for helping.

Sharif - Photo_edited_edited.jpg

Rainey Temkin, PhD

Advisor, Clinical Services

Early interventions are critical in the management and prevention of future substance use disorder diagnoses and their impact on individuals and family systems. Had the adult clients I work with today been exposed early on to the support and structure of The Rise Up To Change Program, this might have prevented the emotional and physical suffering and toll of their addiction. I worked with the founders of The Rise Up to Change program for many years and know the depth of their expertise, compassion, and dedication when it comes to helping teens and young adults with addiction.

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