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Rise Up To Change Aftercare

Residential treatment can be an important foundation for sobriety and it is important to remember that recovery does not end the last day of treatment. Transitioning from a residential program to home can be a challenging period and potentially lead to relapse.  Continued support is vital in integrating the skills and knowledge learned in residential treatment into the teen/young adults' lives once they return home.  

​The Aftercare Program focuses on gathering and consolidating information from residential treatment and building a continuing care treatment plan consisting of goals and action steps which include developing healthy sober support systems, sober activities, and hobbies.  A sober contract is developed which outlines the privileges and/or consequences for behavior.  Drug and alcohol monitoring is established with random drug tests.   Clients receive frequent check-ins and weekly meetings with a Rise Up To Change counselor for coaching and continued support.  Weekly Progress Reports are provided to involved family member(s).  Additionally, Rise Up To Change communicates and collaborates with all authorized treatment providers (ie – psychiatrist, therapist, school counselor, educators, parent coach, treatment program, etc) to facilitate consistency and ongoing communication which ultimately promotes a unified approach.  

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